You will need to obtain a Marriage License from a New Hampshire Town Clerk. You must both appear in person and submit proof of age.

If you were previously married, you will need to submit proof that the marriage has ended.

You may obtain your License anywhere in New Hampshire--you do not have to get it in the town where the Ceremony will be held. So if you are getting married in North Conway, but it is more convenient for you to travel to Nashua to get the license, that is just fine.

You must get married within 90 days of getting your License or else the License expires.

If you have questions about what proof to bring or when the Town Clerk is open, call the office of the Town Clerk.

For a list of New Hampshire Town Clerks, with their address and phone, click on the button below.
Michelle and Jonathan, Sept 19, 2010
Ocean Edge, Brewster, MA
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Jerry Penberg
New Hampshire Justice of the Peace
Tel: [603] 717-6031
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