Amanda & Timothy, Aug 26, 2004
Searles Castle , Windham, NH
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Jerry Penberg
New Hampshire Justice of the Peace
Tel: [603] 717-6031
In which towns can you perform Marriage Ceremonies?
I am commissioned in New Hampshire. I can perform a Ceremony anywhere in the State. I can also perform marriages in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts and Vermont.
Where do couples have their Ceremonies?
The possibilities are endless.
Much depends on what you want to do or how you have budgeted for your Wedding. Do not get confused about what is important. What you spend is not as important as what you feel. When two people make a committment to each other--that is the heart of the matter.

That is what we capture in the Ceremony. The location, the flowers, the music can be beautiful, but nothing is as beautiful as the exchange of your mutual Vows to each other.
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